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Due to the current Coronavirus situation, The Abingdon Collection will be closed until further notice. We hope to reopen in the near future. Please stay safe and healthy.

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The Collection focuses on World War II and the day to day items used by soldiers in the conflict such as uniforms, badges, and helmets, bringing the period back to life.

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Take a step back in time when motoring was an adventure. Pristine classic cars and motorcycles are complemented by petroliana and images from the golden age of motoring.

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The Collection offers the visitor an opportunity to step back into their childhood with a fantastic array of toys, books, models, bicycles, pedal cars and collectables.

From the Collection

Over 50 years of passionate collecting

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WallStreet style

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings.

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1942 Matchless G3L 350cc

1942 Matchless G3L 350cc, the iconic British dispatch riders' motorbike of World War II

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1986 Opel Manta GTE

1986 Opel Manta GTE

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AA Garage Sign

Original AA Garage Sign

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A Walk in the Past - The Abingdon Collection
9th March 2020 No Comments

A Walk in the Past

The Abingdon Collection is a small privately owned speciality museum based near the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh which raises money by donation for Cancer Research UK. The Collection spans over fifty years of an interest in classic cars, motorcycles, petroliana, enamel signs, bicycles, radios and memorabilia and also includes an extensive display of […]

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1st June 2018 No Comments

Harley’s Beagle Blog June 2018

More thoughts from The Abingdon Collection – The Diet Years Hello fans and apologies for not putting pen to paper over the last few very traumatic months. It all began when an article, written by my own personal vet, appeared in our local newspaper under the title ‘Are you guilty of giving your overweight pet […]

50 Years of Passionate Collecting - The Abingdon Collection
11th January 2018 No Comments

50 Years of Passionate Collecting

It is a very strange thought that you can measure the various stages of life through something as simple as collecting, and many reading this will not have a clue what I am talking about. I have written before about how some people are collectors while others cannot bear the thought of cluttering up their […]