Monthly Archive 11th January 2022

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Harley Beagle: The Last Chapter

The famous Harley Beagle and my best friend lost his final battle with Cancer today.

Together, we have walked thousands of miles and he has saved me from many dark times  both in mind and body. There was not one bad bone in his body and he welcomed every visitor to the house with exuberance and passion, especially visiting dogs.

He only had one pet hate in life and that was powered hang gliders swooping over his property. He only used his full and unique Beagle howl to warn off any of these sky borne predators and he could pick up the sound of their motors many miles away.

Harley Beagle – The Last Chapter

He loved his food, was overweight but was as strong as a horse and at one time or another has pulled every family member off their feet. He has been on a diet all his life but still seemed to be able to steal cat and dog food from the other animals to put the calories back on.

He has always known his place in relation to the many cats he has shared the house with, and has accepted and welcomed the two Jack Russells that we have rehomed and have shared his life.

Many tears have been shed for him but he had the greatest life of any dog and was loved like no other. I guess that’s the best any of us, and particularly, any animal can hope for.