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The Abingdon Collection

A Walk In The Past

Welcome to The Abingdon Collection

The Abingdon Collection represents over 45 years of passionate collecting and provides an opportunity for visitors to take a "walk in the past". If you lived through the 50's, 60's and 70's, or just like big boy toys, then there is definitely something for you. The Collection is open by appointment only, but every effort will be made to facilitate small groups or individuals. The Collection is open to visitors free of charge, but contributions are gratefully accepted in aid of Cancer Research UK.


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Certificate of Excellence 2016

Certificate of Excellence 2016

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Harley’s Beagle Blog March 2017

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in , | 0 comments

Hello fans and apologies for the long wait in receiving this latest instalment of my life in the ‘fast lane’. The last four months have been difficult for me as my usual long country walks have been curtailed...

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World War One Death Penny

Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in , | 0 comments

I recently bought a World War One Death Penny at a local auction and have been taking the first steps in researching the soldier whose family received this very poignant symbol of the Great War. Many thousands of...

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1936 Obergefreiter Service Tunic

Posted by on Aug 22, 2016 in , | 0 comments

I thought a few of the avid militaria collectors might be interested in the...

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Harley’s Beagle Blog August 2016

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in , | 1 comment

Hello fans, Harley Beagle here again and could I first apologise for not being...

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1942 Matchless G3L 350cc

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in , | 0 comments

As a collector, I have often commented on the fact that we are only custodians...

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Harley’s Beagle Blog March 2016

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in , | 1 comment

Those of you who have signed in to read Harley’s regular words of wisdom are...

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Harley’s Beagle Blog February 2016

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in , | 1 comment

More thoughts from The Abingdon Collection. Hi Fans, Harley Beagle here with...

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Harley’s Beagle Blog January 2016

Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in , | 0 comments

More thoughts from The Abingdon Collection. Hi fans, and can I wish you all a...

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