The Collection focuses on World War II and represents one of the largest private collections with over 3000 items of militaria on permanent display.

Uniforms, Badges, Helmets and the day to day items used by Soldiers in the conflict, bring the period back to life.

The Abingdon Collection attracts hundreds of visitors per year, with all contributions going to Cancer Research. The Militaria section attracts many academics, historians, veterans, researchers, students and individuals who simply want to learn from the dark days of World War II.

Many of the display items represent the German War machine, but we do not endorse any of the actions of the Third Reich, in any shape or form. The Collection seeks to inform and educate visitors and to make people think – “What if”.

History is about learning from the mistakes of the past and the Collection tries in a small way to provide a rare insight into the 1939-45 war years.

It provides an opportunity, for those of us too young to remember the suffering and conflict, to at least take time to reflect on the past and not forget it. Supervised school groups are welcome to visit the Collection and every effort will be made to facilitate all groups and individuals.

In Memory of Jack and Ivor.

Philip Faithfull, The Abingdon Collection