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1936 Obergefreiter Service Tunic - The Abingdon Collection

1936 Obergefreiter Service Tunic

I thought a few of the avid militaria collectors might be interested in the attached photographs of a new addition to The Abingdon Collection.

Last month I swore to my bank manager and my wife that my spending days were over and that, after the last motorcycle, the collection was now complete.

Well just as the story of all the buses coming at one time sometimes happens, another important military collection comes up for sale.

We have over seventy mannequins in the collection but this is certainly the best presented that I have seen for some time particularly in this unusual stance.

The mannequin included the following:

  • Model 1936 service tunic badged to an Obergefreiter (Corporal)
  • Rare combat trousers
  • Helmet with replaced decals
  • Y- Straps
  • Breadbag
  • K98 Bayonet
  • Shovel and cover
  • Water bottle
  • Gas mask and container
  • Mess tin
  • Army belt and buckle
  • Studded marching boots
  • Deactivated K98 Mauser
  • Early replica MP40
  • Ammunition pouches

The mannequin must date back at least thirty years and is in great condition and poses well with the equipment.

I just wish some young entrepreneur would think about starting a company to reproduce this older type mannequin as I know that there is a market out there for Collectors and the retail trade.

Anyway, if you want to see the latest addition just call me on 028 8224 3373 to arrange a visit.

Philip Faithfull, The Abingdon Collection

Harley's Beagle Blog - The Abingdon Collection

Harley’s Beagle Blog August 2016

More thoughts from The Abingdon Collection

Hello fans, Harley Beagle here again and could I first apologise for not being allowed to write my blog for the last few months.

The man I own took it upon himself to produce some absolute rubbish about classic cars and motorcycles – my usual literary brilliance was sidelined and I was not impressed. I write to you all to let you know that ‘Harley Beagle’ has broken out and will continue to spread the message and ensure equality for all canines and especially hounds.

I write this having had a very trying and difficult week. On Thursday, on what my human laughingly calls a ‘long walk’, I found on returning home a trail of blood on the tiled floor. Being a brave Beagle, I did not pass out, but carried out the ancient medical dog ritual of licking my paw as hard as I could.

I could easily have survived this war wound, but no, the next morning me and Dusty get bundled into the back of a fast moving car and got shipped to the Vets. I was promised a long walk but instead found myself at the ‘Gates of Hell’ where no dog should have to go.

Harley the Beagle with bandged paw - The Abingdon Collection
What a life! Harley with a bandaged paw and now a diet

They made the mistake of getting me out of the car for a quick pee and then expected me and my mate to simply stroll up the steps of the Vets… Suckers… are they mad? The last time I went up those steps I got chloroformed and left a day later minus two very important bits missing.

For the past four years I have avoided going up those steps and not even a team of wild horses and a tractor is ever going to get me to the top. I was conned… a Vet comes down the stairs, grabs me like a sheep and the next thing I know I am in God’s waiting room with a diabetic cat and a Springer Spaniel on drugs.

Into a treatment room and ten minutes later I end up with a leg bandage that would look better on a horse and hobble out to reception. The Vet informs me that I am overweight… I am not overweight! I am just not tall enough for a dog my weight… Is it my fault that I am not tall enough??? This is a height issue, not a weight issue.

Anyway, I get stuck on the weighing scales and they announce to the world that I am 48.5 Kilos and need to lose 18 Kilos… are they mad? I am a Beagle Harrier not a Chihuahua or whatever they are called.

To lose 18 kilos I would have to cut my head off because there is no way that this Beagle is going on any fad diet, eating rice and grain… I am a meat eater and do not need the opinion of any Vet to tell me I am overweight… Come to think of it he could afford to lose a few pounds himself but I ain’t going to tell him.

Harley the brave Beagle with bandaged paw - The Abingdon Collection
Harley the brave Beagle with bandaged paw

So here I am with a bandage round my leg and a diet sheet at the bottom of my bed. No more cans, no more stealing cat food, no more begging, just crappy dried food and water. I would go on hunger strike if I wasn’t so hungry.

To rub salt on the whole episode, the Vet said I may put on weight on this diet at the start as the body gets used to it… What is he on? Fat chance… For me to put on weight on this meagre diet I would have to eat Dusty and the cat.

I think my bones are starting to show through and I may consider a phone call to the ‘Dogs Abuse helpline’… If you get this message please send food parcels as I now think that I have contracted one of those slimming disorders.

Signing off now to have a chew at the bandage and get a drink of low calorie water.

Visit me at The Abingdon Collection… but hurry, I can only hold out for a short time.